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Adidas Originals X The Grinch Forum Lows

Hey, sneakerheads go Grinch or go home with the new Adidas Originals X The Grinch Forum Lows! The Grinch is upping his game this year with this epically festive, cult-classic spin on a beloved pair of kicks. Merry? Very! This collaboration is as sweet as Cindy-Lou, and available for adults and juniors too! The top halves of these seasonally-appropriate sneakers have two shades of bold greens with shaggy suedes to represent the character’s fur. Tongues split their branding between Grinch’s evil eyes on the right shoe and the standard Trefoil hits on the left. The insoles have actual imagery of The Grinch dressed in the Santa outfit. The kicks have removable pins that you can use to accessorize including The Grinch’s various facial expressions, gifts, and his sidekick Max. Lastly, the kicks are housed inside a special red shoe box that is printed with his hand dangling an Adidas-branded ornament. These mean ones drop on December 1, 2022. 

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