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People always ask what is the definition of a cosplayer. I look at cosplaying and being a cosplayer as 2 different types of arts/hobbies or whatever you want to call them. It's like drawing vs being an artist, cooking vs being a chef. Basically, a cosplayer is a highly skilled person/profession of cosplaying.

I feel if you're gonna be a "real" cosplayer you should take it head-on at full throttle. What I mean by that is you make your own cosplay, do the character justice by looking & act like them (also know your character), be creative, have a burning passion, strive to be better and the most important thing anyone who likes to cosplay should know is always having fun.

This is my artist (I draw) side of me talking. There are some cosplays I don't like but I do respect everyone who does cosplay. Now let me explain what I'm trying to say. It's like reading one of your favorite comics and seeing the character you know & love being drawn horribly. At the same time, I respect the artist cuz they're doing something they love and it's one of those important things one needs to achieve their goals/dreams. Don't ever let anyone talk you down from doing what you love and always strive to be better. One thing most of the Leaguers have in common is always to strive to be better and have a passion for cosplay. They give each other motivation to level up their skills and increase their love for cosplay. Yeah, that's my horrible opinion of what a cosplayer is (or at least the difference between cosplaying and being a cosplayer).

So if ya don't agree or would like to speak your mind out, in general, be my guess. To those who love cosplaying keep doing what ya love to do no matter if it's not top-notch, holla if you hear me.

 P.S.- A few questions for ya.

1. How come no one ever really gets credit for the pure craftsmanship of one's cosplay in contests? I have been seeing epicdary cosplays being beaten by cosplays that win cuz they light up. 

2. Why is it OK for a male to cosplay as a female character but not when a female cosplay as a male character? We all laugh when men do it but when females do it, it's either wrong or whorish? Anyway, thanks for reading.

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Opinionated Definition of a Cosplayer

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Hey, everyone, I figured I take the time to share something that's been on my mind for a while since I get asked this all the time. Before I start this is my opinion only not the Leagues or The Corps

--The Geekpin