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So far I'm not really thrilled with the choice projects outside of The Lanterns (which should be a TV Show), Booster Gold (something I was already speculating on Gunn do to since Suicide Squid / Peacemaker), Swamp Thing, and adding a Robin finally since 1997. Not feeling the Superman Legacies film. The description sounds like a could've been a sequel to Man of Steel now that Clark knows where he came from.

‚ÄčI'm kinda upset that DC got rid of Henry Cavill and company but they still have Viola Davis, John Cena and possibly Erza Miller like wtf DC. The other dumb thing is they have an Elseworld for dumbass sequels for The Batman & Joker films. That's money and time that could've gone to something we actually wanted to see character-wise. So far the DCU sounds like a network vs in continuity universe. I like how Gunn said their goal was to tell good stories. The last time I heard that was from this marketing loser WB promoted over to DC to help sell the New 52 (I'm not going to get into that story).

So what do you guys think of chapter one so far?

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DCU Announcement-

Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters

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Quick Key Issues & Speculations

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James Gunn made a big announcement about the upcoming 10 Years of DC's shared universe featured films, TV Shows, and animation.  

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