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Final Fantasy Becoming a Live-action TV Series

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Sony Pictures Television, Square Enix and Hivemind (the production company behind Netflix's The Witcher and Amazon Prime‚Äôs The Expanse) have announced that they will turn the 32 year old video game franchise Final Fantasy into a live-action TV series.

The new show will be set in the magical world of Eorzea from Final Fantasy XIV and will present an original story which will explore the struggle between magic and technology in a quest to bring peace to a land in conflict. New and familiar faces like Cid will appear and other features from the games, such as Magitek, Beastmen, Airships and the fan favorites Chocobos (so cute!). I'm personally looking forward to this upcoming series. All I need now is a live action Legend of Zelda series and my life will be complete.

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