Tons of new and extended scenes! What to

expect? There were a few scenes of Betty

Brant reporting various news updates, random

Spidey scenes catching criminals & shenanigans,

extended scenes between the three Spider-Men,

J. Jonah Johansson, Aunt May's death was a little

longer and more dramatic, moreCharlie Cox as 

Matt Murdock and a second post-credit scene

(the original was a trailer for Dr. Strange 2).

Overall: I enjoy this version a little more but I still have the same problems & dislikes as the original. I give the Fun Edition a 9.4 (Near Mint). Hit me up on Twitter so we can talk about it. For more, geek-related shenanigans and news follow Geekpin Entertainment on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stay geeky gang.

--The Geekpin

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Geekpin Entertainment, Spider-Man No Way Home Fun Edition, The Geekpin

Spider-Man: No Way Home Fun Edition- Movie Review

Hey hot geeks, it's been a while since we did an MCU review but I just saw the "Fun Edition" of Spider-Man: No Way Home. As most of you know No Way Home is the 27th MCU film and the 3rd Spidey film from Marvel Studios. The original movie was released on December 17, 2021, with the

second post-credit scene being a trailer for Doctor Strange

in the Multiverse of Madness. This weekend Sony and Marvel

Studios re-released an extended version of this film. You guys

already know what the movie is about so let's just jump into

what you don't know about the Fun Edition. Warning there will

be semi-spoilers so if you don't want to know kick rocks outta

here now.‚Äč

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