The Geekpin: Will you be attending more conventions this year?
Trisha: I've got VidCon coming up this week,

possibly New York Comic Con, and definitely

CES in January! I'm a tech head and never

miss a CES! 

The Geekpin: What inspired you in becoming

an actress?
Trisha: Funny enough, I decided to become

an actress after watching the movie "Big" 
with Tom Hanks. He got paid to play with toys

as a toy tester. I never knew jobs 
could be fun, but then I thought about it. I was

already obsessed with old movies 
and realized actors were just grown ups getting

paid to play make believe...awesome. 

The Geekpin: I never thought of that way. How did you get cast for SourceFed?
Trisha: SourceFed was another audition in the weekly roundup of auditions. I came in 
with a few news stories prepared, did a short interview, and was in the studio testing 
with Lee, Elliott, and Joe the next day! It's been a wild ride and I've learned so much 
about producing & writing, in addition to simply being confident in who I am. I've made 
some great friends and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

The Geekpin: I remembered you said you like to play D&D. What class are you?

Trisha: Well that depends on what type of campaign we are in. If it's a low level campaign,

I usually opt for thief - I love being sneaky and using ranged weapons first. If we are able

to progress to higher levels, mage is where it's at. You simply become OP :)

The Geekpin: What do you like to do when you're not working?
Trisha: I read books, watch tv, play video games, see theatre & concerts, go to art museums, play lasertag, go wine tasting... I like to change it up and experience new things everyday!

The Geekpin: You definitely do! How was your

experience being photographed by 
Kayhettin (aka Elysiam Entertainment)?
Trisha: It was so fun and relaxing! Even though

it was my first shoot with Kayhettin, his work is

outstanding and I knew the photos would

turnout great. It honestly was just fun!

The Geekpin: Bruce Wayne vs Clark Kent?
Trisha: Oh, Clark Kent all the way!!! When it

comes to public personas, Clark Kent is the

perfect choice. He's smart and handsome and

muscle-y and understated. I love how he's

humble yet totally kick ass! Bruce is a little into

himself for me.

The Geekpin: So where can the folks online find you at?
Trisha: Find me on Twitter @thatgrltrish or on Facebook or you can always visit

The Geekpin: Before we wrap things up is there anything you want to say or ask?
Trisha: YES!!! If you were a candy, what candy would you be??

The Geekpin: This was my first thought (after I was done choking from laughing). I think

I would like to be a Snickers Bar since I like to laugh a lot, it's one of my favorite candies

and cuz I'm hungry. Thank you so much for your time and hopefully I'll be seeing you soon.
Trisha: I dream about it every night! Much love and thanks for having me :)

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The Geekpin: Hello Ms. Hershberger. Thank you for fitting us into your busy schedule. How are you feeling today? 
Trisha Hershberger: Really sleepy, but then again it is a Monday morning at 6:30am lol 

The Geekpin: Yikes! Early bird getting that worm. Describe yourself Twitter style (aka in 180 characters).
Trisha: I'm a "let's go to the carnival & win all the prizes & ride everything twice!" kinda girl

The Geekpin: I saw you cosplay at Comic-Con this year. How do you decide what character you want to cosplay?
Trisha: For me, it's a mix of what character I'd love to be and what I can realistically create with my limited sewing abilities. I took costuming classes in college, but I am definitely not a seamstress. I find a character I love, think "how could I make that" and then I try! Sometimes it works out and I bring it to a con, otherwise it goes on the shelf to be looked at later.

For those who made not know this geekette. This tech loving model / actress is one of the awesome hosts of SourceFed Nerd! We had the pleasure of meeting her when we attended San Diego Comic-Con 2013

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     Trisha Hershberger

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