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Hey Hot Geeks welcome back to one of our new original content. I had so much fun doing "If I Ran DC Comics" I figured I do one for Marvel too. Today's topic is about Sony'sSpider-Man Movie Universe. I know Marvel can't do anything personally but I figured someone or Kevin Feige could throw some ideas to Sony.

Instead of Sony focusing on Peter Parker, they should focus on Earth-65'sGwen Stacy. Spider-Gwen can be the face of the Sony Spiderverse with a series of films. She can do all of Spider-Man's iconic stories and use his villains. Here's what Sony can do for an easy trilogy:

Spider-Gwen: Her first movie will, of course, be her origin story. Introduce The Mary Janes and her best friend Peter Parker will become The Lizard and die in the film. Her father Captain Stacy will hunt the mysterious Spider-Woman not knowing it's his daughter.

The Radioactive Spider-Gwen: The sequel. With Spider-Gwen being hunted by the police for the death of Peter Parker, a specialist known as Kraven will come after her. For this film, Sony can adapt Kraven's Last Hunt story arc. 

Ghost-Spider: Third Spider-Gwen film depending on the Venom sequel they can always do an adaptation of Maximum Carnage.

With those being her own movie she can also appear in all of Sony's other Spiderverse movies such as Venom. If everything turns out to be successful possibly Disney and Sony can team up to make a live-action Spider-Verse film. 

Enough of the Spider-Gwen talk. Another Spidey film Sony can do is Spider-Girl, featuring May Day Parker. Bring back Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst to reprise their roles and continue their Sam Raini universe. They can easily appear in two films out of a trilogy. The film I'm looking forward to the most would be a Spider-Man 2099! Doubt we see anything close to these. Sony being dumb making films about Spidey villains and Black Cat. Oh well, all we can do is dream. That's it for this segment of "If I Ran Marvel", check out Part 1 if you haven't. Catch you all next time.


--Jason Chau

If I Ran Marvel Comics- Pt 2: Sony's "Spiderverse" Films

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This is our little what if segment if we ran Marvel Comics / Studios...