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These all sound amazing! Definitely going to try and get some of these over the weekend! Let us know in the  comments which one you find interesting. 

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--Swaggy Spunk

The Devil Fruit, Human-Human Fruit Bath Bomb-

"Mushroom-shaped Human-Human Fruit bath bomb can be separated into two parts. When used together, the marble of red and white colors spread across the water. The uplifting fragrance will help to transform your mood with fruity bergamot oil, creamy tonka absolute, and deliciously cocoa absolute."

Geekpin Entertainment, Lush, One Piece, Bath Bomb, Straw Hat Bubble Bar
Geekpin Entertainment, Lush, One Piece, Bath Bomb, Gum-Gum Fruit
Geekpin Entertainment, One Piece, Lush, Geekpin Ent


Geekpin Entertainment, Lush, One Piece, Bath Bomb, Human Human Fruit
Geekpin Entertainment, Lush, One Piece, Bath Bomb, Flower Flower Fruit
Geekpin Entertainment, Lush, One Piece, Bath Bomb, One Piece Flag Knot Wrap

Bath Bomb Products

Geekpin Entertainment, Lush, One Piece, Bath Bomb, Flame Flame Fruit

Straw-Hat Reusable Bubble Bar-

"Set sail again and again with this reusable bubble bar featuring the 'Straw Hat,' the trademark of Luffy who aspires to become the king of pirates. The straw hat is the beginning of all adventures and when you shake the Straw Hat bubble bar in the bath, your own adventure begins. 

While bathing, you will be surrounded by cedarwood oil to balance, fresh mandarin orange oil, and the subtle sweet scent of benzoin resinoid. Creating the perfect space to relax before starting your next adventure."

Geekpin Entertainment,

The Devil Fruit, Flame-Flame Fruit Bath Bomb-

"Watch as fiery orange colors spread across the bath and popping candy cracks like fireworks. The earthy scent of mandarin oil, sweetness, and spiciness added by Fenugreek absolute, and the scent of sweet orange oil fills your bathroom... You will feel the warmth of the two brothers' bond in your mind and body."

Geekpin Entertainment, Lazy Eye Collectibles, One Piece, Lush, Bath Bombs, Funko, Star Wars

The Devil Fruit, Gum-Gum Fruit Bath Bomb-

"Gum-Gum Fruit bath bomb fizzes and swirls, the water gradually changes; the black color which represents ‘Haki power’, the black aura of Luffy, is released from the inside of the bath bomb giving you time for relaxation, to stretch your arms and legs and experience the Haki power like Luffy.

The invigorating scent of blackcurrant, apricot notes of the calming Davana oil, and fresh sweet orange oil come together to get you in the right place to start adventuring!"

The concept of this collaboration has been inspired by the

famous words of Monkey D. Luffy, “I smell adventure!!!”.

The collaboration features six products including four

bath bombs inspired by the Devil Fruit and a bubble bar

inspired by the straw hat of Luffy and a Knot Wrap

(Lush’s reusable gift wrap) featuring the symbolic pirate

flag of the Straw-Hat Pirates

One Piece Flag Knot Wrap-

(Size: Approx. H100cm×W100cm)

"This limited edition Knot Wrap is a reusable gift wrap made from PET plastic bottles. The Knot Wrap features the motif of the pirate flag flown by the pirate ships 'Going Merry' and 'Thousand Sunny' of the 'Straw Hat Crew' led by Luffy.

It can be used in multiple ways! You can even become one of the pirates by displaying the pirate flag in your room. Use it over and over again, in any way that you want."

Lush launched “LUSH x ONE PIECE” in shops nationwide and on lush.com. A collaboration with the globally known Japanese anime, ONE PIECE to celebrate the joy of bathing and ONE PIECE’s 25th anniversary. This is Lush’s first-ever licensing collaboration on a range of products.

Geekpin Entertainment, Lush, One Piece, Bath Bomb, Devil Fruit

The Devil Fruit, Flower-Flower Fruit Bath Bomb-

"Flower-Flower Fruit bath bomb creates a pink foam that spreads and floats on the water in the same way that the flowers bloom and flutter away when Robin uses her Flower-Flower Fruit ability. Your bath time will be full of unknown and unimaginable possibilities.

The beautiful blend of geranium oil, Damask rose absolute and the deep scent of jasmine absolute creates a bath time that shares the same mysterious charm of Robin in its floral scents."