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​Thoughts: Before I begin. Is Marvel setting up a West Coast Avengers? Asking for a friend 😅😏. Anyway, so Quantumania is probably the first MCU film that didn't feel like an MCU film at first. Once you go back and think about it, it has all the MCU ingredients. It was fun, visually astounding 

(Thanks Screen X) and you don't have to watch Loki to understand this film (just the end credit...

spoilers). The Quantum Realm had a Star Wars / Final Fantasy vibe. Kang felt superior & uber-powerful like Dr. Doctor (which is kinda scary). Kang gave Ant-Man hands like he was fighting Creed next month (😮 Possible Kang variant? ðŸ˜…😂). Overall his character was like Ra's Al Ghul. M.O.D.O.K. was interesting. It was totally Cassie's fault ðŸ˜‚. Michelle Pfier looked great in the original Wasp costume (blink and you'll miss it). Hank Pym is the strongest "Avenger" ðŸ˜‚. Also, Ant-Man didn't really steal anything. It's more like a fix-this-or-die situation. Everyone was great (except Darren) in this film and it's definitely a rewatchable movie. Phase 5 starting off strong. Stay for the mid and end credits.​

Hey hot geeks & geekettes, I'll be giving you my semi-spoiler-free review of Marvel's 31st film, Ant-Man & The Wasp Quantamania! In this trilogy (5th Marvel character with a trilogy), the Langs and Van Dynes are transported to the Quantum Realm to face Kang the Conqueror! ​

Movie Review:

Ant-Man & The Wasp 


​​Overall: I give Ant-Man 3 a 9.6 (Near Mint+) only because the end credit should've been how the movie ended cuz without it leaves you wondering what Kang was talking about. Also, less M.O.D.O.K. or I should say Darren to be exact would've been better. If anyone wants to hit me up on Twitter or IG so we can talk about it. Lastly, for anyone looking for Ant-Man key issues, Jason listed them a while ago. Thanks again for Screen X letting us enjoy the film in their theater. For more, geek-related content and news follow Geekpin Entertainment on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stay geeky gang.

--The Geekpin

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