LX 2200 Shoes-Now entering the Biosyn Paleo-Genetic Facility. These Reebok shoes make the true apex predator, combining Reebok DNA with dinosaur DNA, inspired by Jurassic World Dominion. The genetically modified upper includes a bio mesh, rub-away amber details, and iridescent scales to represent the iconic mosquito that started it all.

(5 Colors Available)

Welcome back fellow geeks, how ya been? As you may know 2022’s Jurassic World: Dominion 

landed another box-office hit for the pre-historic franchise. Reebok has teamed up with Universal 

Brand Development for a complete collection of themed footwear and apparel. Genetically enhanced, prehistoric prowess, our latest collaboration with BioSyn takes hybrid dinosaur DNA into a collection of sneakers styled to bring the stomp to the street. This dino-packed capsule begins with seven footwear selection. 

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Club C Revenge Men's Shoes-Biosyn Genetics Lab, including classified details like lab badges, test tubes, and rub-away reptile scales that are ready to be discovered. The bio mesh and reflective details add another authentic science

lab connection. 

(4 Colors Available)

The Answer DMX Basketball Shoes- Inspired by the largest known carnivores to ever walk the Earth, the Giganotosaurus makes its terrifying debut in "Jurassic World Dominion." Reptilian materials and striped patterns combined with aggressive spiked scales make these sneakers unstoppable.

These Jurassic Shoes drops on August 25, 2022. For more geek-related content and news follow Geekpin Entertainment on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stay geeky. 


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Zig Kinetica 2.5 Shoes-Inspired by Jurassic World Dominion's Atrociraptor chase in Malta, these shoes are coded to attack on demand. The reptilian upper resembles the four Atrociraptors and their unique colors. Laser etched details on the heel nod to the red lasers used to control each dinosaur and remind you to always watch your back.​​

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Nano X2 Adventure Men's Training-Biosyn's Sanctuary may be safe haven for dinosaurs, but danger still abounds. These men's Reebok training shoes were built as a survival kit to help you co-exist with dinosaurs. Including a ballistic nylon upper for ultimate protection, reflective details for visibility, and a carabiner compass to help you navigate the terrain. Get ready to run, hide and survive!​​

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Classic Leather Ripple Shoes-Quick and unstoppable. These Reebok Velociraptor shoes were inspired by power pair Blue and Beta, from "Jurassic World Dominion." Made with advanced traits like premium reptilian materials, scientific codenames, and a sharp rippled outsole that nods to dinosaur teeth.

(2 Colors Available)

Beatnik Slides-Inspired by Jurassic World's paleontologists, these preserved Reebok slides come straight from sedimentary rock. Including fossilized details, biomaterials, and gritty outsoles. These shoes contain thousands of years of dinosaur DNA. 

(4 Colors Available)

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