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Robin the Toy Wonder

The Robin of the 853rd Century, the robot sidekick of Batman.

Key Issues: Young Justice One Million (1st App) 

-DC One Million 80-Page Giant One Million (Impulse & Superboy revives The Toy Wonder)

-Batman #700 (Every Era of Batman/Robin)

​-Superman/Batman #79 & #80 (Last App)

Robin (Carrie Kelley)

The future Robin from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

Key Issues: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (1st app), #2 (1st as Robin)

-Teen Titans Vol 3 #18 (Titans go 10 years in the future & see Carrie Kelley tombstone along with other Batman allies).

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Robin V (Damian Wayne)

-The very first Robin, Dick Grayson was taken in by Bruce Wayne when Dick's parents were murder during their circus performance.

Key Issues To Read: Detective Comics #38 (1st App & killed 3 criminals), Batman #1 (1st Meeting The Joker & Catwoman), New York World's Fair Comics #1 (1st cover with Superman), Detective Comics #41 (Robin was enlisted in a private school to solve a murder mystery and capture an insane fugitive), Batman #5 (Robin defeated The Joker, saving Batman from certain death, Robin was later a victim of a vicious attack that left him in need of surgery to recover), Star-Spangled Comics #65 (1st Solo Robin Story), Star-Spangled Comics #124 (2nd Robin Solo Story), Superman #76 (1st Meeting Superman), World's Finest #153 (Origin of Batman slapping Robin meme), Detective Comics #165 (1st Robin as Batman), Detective Comics #394 & #395 (Dick register for Hudson University), Detective Comics #494-#495, (Dick dropped out Hudson Univ), Batman #368 (Dick quits being Robin), Batman #408 (1st Post-Crisis App), Batman #436-#439 (Origin of Dick Grayson), Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet (Dick takes his final exam to become Robin).

Comic History: 80 Years of Robin 

-Tim Drake deduces that Dick Grayson & Bruce Wayne were Robin & Batman at a young age who later becomes the third Robin after noticing Batman became very violent after Jason's death.

Key Issues To Read: Batman #436 (1st App), Batman #440-#442 & New Titans #60-#61 (A Lonely Place Of Dying), Detective Comics #618-#621 (Rite of Passage-Tim's mom died & father becomes paralyzed), Batman #455-#457 (Tim's mother's funeral & he official becomes Robin with new costume), Robin #1-#5 (1st Mini-series- Batman sends Tim to Paris to be trained in Tibetan fighting techniques), Batman #465 (1st official mission with Batman), Robin II #1-#4 (Second miniseries- 1st Solo Patrol without Batman & meeting with The Joker), Robin III #1-#6 (Robin 1st team up with Huntress and meets his future girlfriend Ariana Dzerchenko), Batman #488 (Tim trains Jean-Paul Valley), Detective Comics #667-#668 (Tim get his special license and takes his Redbird Car after Jean-Paul Batman locks him out the Batcave), Robin #1 (1st monthly solo series). Robin #0 (Dick becomes Batman and with Tim, the Return of the Dynamic Duo), Robin #56 (Tim breaks up with Ari for Spoiler), Young Justice #1 (A new team featuring Robin, Superboy, and Impulse), Teen Titans V3 #1 (Tim joins a new team of Teen Titans), Robin #116 (Tim turns 16 years old), Robin #124-#125 (Tim's dad finds out he's Robin and confronts Bruce Wayne; Tim quits being Robin), Detective Comics #798 (Tim breaks his promise and becomes Robin again), Robin #130 (Tim tells his dad he became Robin again), Identity Crisis #5-#6 (Tim's dad was killed), Teen Titans V3 #29 (Jason Todd confronts Tim to see who is the better Robin), 52 #51 (Tim changed the colors of his costume in honor of Superboy's death), Batman #654 (Bruce adopts Tim), Robin #183 (Last issue of the series), Red Robin #1 (Tim becomes Red Robin and travels the globe).

Non Important Robins

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Robin 3000 (Ricky)

Young slave Ricky and his adult counterpart

Brane found a time capsule containing a recording of the original Batman and Robin in action. Inspired, the new Batman and Robin succeed in leading Earth's people to victory against the alien tyrant from space.

Key Issues: Batman #26 (1st App) 

​-Batman #700 (Last App)

Earlier this year DC celebrated Robin's 80th Anniversary. Introduced in Detective Comics #38 on March 6, 1940, Robin became the icon sidekick to generations of comic book fans. Dick Grayson the original Robin who donned the costume for many years before passing the mantle to future crimefighters who would become Robin. 

Let's take a look at some of the best stories for each Robin over the last 80 years!  

Robin The Boy Wonder (Dick Grayson)

-The son of Bruce Wayne & Talia Al Ghul, Damian Wayne became the latest Robin under Dick Grayson's training.

Key Issues To Read: Batman: Son of the Demon (1st Cameo- As unnamed baby), Batman #655 (1st Cameo- Meeting of Damian & Bruce), Batman #656 (1st full), Batman & Robin #1 (1st App/Cover as Robin),

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Robin III (Tim Drake)

Robin II (Jason Todd)

-Jason Todd the second Robin who died by the hands of The Joker.

Key Issues To Read: Batman #357 (1st App), Detective Comics #531 (Batman decides to make Jason his new partner), Batman #366 (1st as Robin), Batman #368 (Jason Becomes Robin & 1st Cover App), Detective Comics #535 (Jason defeats Crazy Quilt by himself), Detective Comics #542-#544 & Batman #377-#378 (Child Welfare took Jason away from Bruce due illegal paperwork and was adopted by Natalia Knight), Batman #381 (Natalia gives up & brings Jason back to Wayne Maynor), Batman #383 (Jason is officially adopted by Bruce), Batman #398 & #399 (Jason neglects to be Robin for new girlfriend Rena), Detective Comics #566Batman #400 (Last Earth One App in each series), Batman #408 (1st App Post Crisis & New Origin), Batman #424 &#425 (Jason kills criminal & father wants revenge) and Batman #426-429 (Death in the Family). 

Robin IV (Stephanie Brown)

Daughter of the Cluemaster, Stephanie Brown, formerly known as The Spoiler temporary became the fourth Robin (between Tim and Damian) or as I call her "Robin 3.5".

Key Issues: Detective Comics #647 (1st App) 

​-Robin Vol 2 #126 (1st as Robin)-128 (Batman fires her as Robin)

-Detective Comics #796 (Stephanie 1st outing with Batman).

-Batman #633 (Apparent death)