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As I mentioned earlier with going with the obvious choices I want to point out that Ms. Marvel was with The Avengers for the Quantum Encounter battle. Also, like Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel's bangle may play a key part like the Ten Rings. I think the recent heroes' "power artifacts" will be the "new Infinity Stones".

Hercules- As we all know anything could happen in the MCU. I was originally gonna make him #1 but his fate is too unsure where he'll end up after his encounter with Thor.

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I'm going with the obvious choices because these guys are technically "The Avengers" now if you want to go by Disney Wish Cruise Avengers Adventure. Feige said there are no Avengers but people in the MCU keep mentioning such as Dr. Strange, Kate Bishop, and She-Hulk. So at best this is the current team.

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The really big wildcard that's coming from left field. Wonder Man is supposed to be making his MCU debut coming soon and he was once an Avenger in the comics (part of me feels like they're going to make a West Coast Avengers adaption team). The only question will Nathan Fillion still be Simon Williams in the MCU? Doubt it.

A wildcard but given the fact she's slated for her own series and will be the future Iron Man of the franchise it's a good chance she will be part of the Avengers. 

This will probably be Tom Holland's exit out of the MCU so, of course, he has to go out with

a bang saving the world with his fellow Avengers.

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Marvel is very big on minorities and female characters going forward so it's safe to say Jen will probably be on the roster even if no one likes her show.

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This is one of our fun segments where we "steal" a topic from another media source and we add our 50 cents (aka tweak) to the topic. Let's run it!

Twinfinite recently released an article on a lineup for 10 MCU heroes who will "assemble" to be The Avengers in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

    --The Geekpin

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Hulk- Depending on how She-Hulk ends we might see old Banner return for the Multiverse Saga Finale battle because we need a Hulk somewhere. 

Let's just go hard now and trigger sensitive readers. He'll be one of the heroes to make up the Avengers because one--he's Asian and when you have the word dynasty in anything there's usually a strong Asian character involved. The second reason is him being the wielder of the Ten Rings will probably be a key factor which I'll probably explain later in the article.

That's all for this segment of "Steal A Topic Saturday". Thanks for reading and be sure to follow Geekpin Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Steal A Topic Saturday:

"10 Heroes Most Likely to Form the Avengers in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty"

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​​Thor- I don't think Thor will technically be an Avenger but I think he will show up at a critical moment as he did in Avengers Infinity War.