6. Kame Hame Ha "Turtle Destruction Blast"- Dragon Ball's signature attack. The user gathers energy between the palms of their hands and then releases it. The technique was invented by Master Roshi, and it took him 50 years to perfect it. It was performed by Goku after only having seen the move done once. Goten's version of the Kamehameha is "Kamekameha". It's the same exact thing, he just messed up the name cuz he's a little kid.

Fun Fact: The name Kamehameha was thought up by Akira Toriyama's wife. In an interview, Akira said, "I told my wife I just couldn't think of a name for the attack. Then she said", "How about Kame Hame Ha?".
Who can perform it:
Son Goku, Master Roshi, Grandpa Gohan, Jackie Chun, Krillin, Yamcha, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Cell, Cell Jr's, Tenshinhan, Majin Buu, Gotenks & Super Buu Ghost Kamikaze

7. Final Flash- This is Vegeta's second most powerful

attack. The scene in which he charges up for this attack

in the anime is REALLY cool. Vegeta puts his wrists

together directly in front of himself, then charges up for

a while, and eventually lets loose a HUGE blast of

energy. This attack is written in Katakana and pronounced

in English.
Who can perform it:
Vegeta, Future Trunks & Super

Buu Ghost Kamikaze

1. Hakai "Destruction"-  A powerful attack used by the Gods of Destruction. Beerus can destroy almost anything with little effort. This technique can be used in various ways, such as Beerus puts his palm out or extending both the index and middle fingers which the target will be engulfed by a destructive energy wave simply disintegrating into an agonizing nothingness. I'm mentioning this attack because Goku tried to use it on Zamasu.

Who can perform it: Beerus, Goku, Vegeta, and other Gods of Destruction

2. Jin Rui Zetsu Mestu Kougeki "Special Human Genocide Attack"-​ This attack may be a mouthful, but it's rightfully named. This is probably the most devastating attack ever performed in Dragon Ball Z. It can only be done by Super Buu. He locks onto every single human's ki, then releases a furious barrage of energy blasts into the sky. They plummet to the ground and every blast hits one target, a person. Every single person on Earth is killed by this attack, except for Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Mr. Satan, and the people in Kami's Tower.
Who can perform it: Super Buu

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16. Thunder Flash- One of Pikehan's techniques

that he uses during the Annoyoichi Budoukai that

requires a heavy amount of focus. Pikehan sways

his arms around his body he draws his fists

together in front of him and fires a huge wave of

flames at Goku, inflicting a massive amount of

damage through a fiery explosion. 
Who can perform it: Pikehan

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This is one of our fun segments where we "steal" a topic from another media source and add our 50 cents (aka tweak) to the topic.

Today's topic is from Watch Mojo where they listed the Top 20 Greatest Dragon Ball Attacks. I'm a big Dragonball fan (Japanese version only! I don't do that Funimation shit). So all the attacks I listed (except for one) are from the Daizenshuu 7 (it's the official Japanese databook/guide that listed every special attack & power-up throughout DB-DBZ). Attacks such as "Freezer's Death Beam" is called "Yubisaki kara no Kikou Ha" aka "Ki Wave from your Fingertips" which many characters can do (Piccolo is a character who does this attack a lot throughout the series, especially in the manga). All the attacks are listed in order from damaging to kill move. Enough talk and let's do it!

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17. Masenkou "Devil Blast"- This is Gohan's first

real attack. He uses it against Nappa, although it

proves to be pretty useless. To perform the attack,

he raises both of his hands above his head, gathers

energy between them, and then shoots a blast at

his opponent.
Who can perform it: Son Gohan, Piccolo, Future

Trunks, Cell Jrs & Super Buu Ghost Kamikaze

20. Souki Dan "Spirit Bomb"- This is the REAL Spirit Bomb. The Souki Dan is Yamucha's signature technique in late Dragon Ball and throughout Dragon Ball Z. The Souki Dan is a basketball-sized ball of energy that Yamcha can control the movement of with his fingertips.
Who can perform it: Yamcha

11. Kienzan-A swirling disc of energy that looks and

sounds like a buzz saw. It can cut through ALMOST

anything (except Perfect Cell). Krillin can also do 

Renzokou Kienzan is Multiple Kienzan's fired all at once.
Who can perform it: Krillin, Vegeta, Goku, Perfect Cell

& Cell Jr.

NOTE: Tsuibi Kienzan- Similar to the Kienzan in

appearance, but much more deadly since it follows its

target through anything until it hits it.
Who can perform it:
Freeza & Perfect Cell

18. Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha- This is one

of Piccolo's coolest attacks. He sends

hundreds of energy balls into the air and

surrounds his opponent with them. The

energy balls hang in mid-air for a second,

and then he lets fly. He forces all of the

energy balls to converge on his victim at

once causing a large explosion.
Who can perform it: Kamiccolo & Seven-Three

3. Henka Beam "Change Beam"-Buu's ability to change objects or people into any type of food, candy, or substance he desires. This beam is shot from his forelock.
Who can perform it: Majin Buu

12. Gyariku Hou "Garlic Gun"- Vegeta's answer to the

Kamehameha. It's similar in appearance to the

Kamehameha, and the energy for the attack is even

gathered in a similar fashion. I honestly think Vegeta

copied the attack and made it his own (I'll explain that

another time).
Who can perform it: Vegeta & Future Trunks

19. Ban Kokubikuri Shyou- Jackie Chun's most powerful attack. He presses his palms together, charges up, and then hits his opponent with a continuous high-charged electrical beam. In early Dragon Ball, this was one of the most deadly attacks. It nearly killed Goku.
Who can perform it:
Jackie Chun

4. Genki-Dama "Energy Ball"- A very powerful attack that

Goku uses only when he absolutely has to. Goku gathers

energy from his surroundings and forms a POWERFUL

ball of energy. The downside of this attack is that it takes

a long time for Goku to gather the necessary energy for

the attack to be useful. While the Genki-Dama he created

to beat Vegeta was only about 2 feet wide, the Genki-Dama

he created on Namek was 50 meters wide. Chou

Genki-Dama "Ultimate Energy Ball" is the same attack but

even bigger and filled to the brim with incredible power.

On Kaioshin Planet Son Goku needed to absorb almost all

of the energy from each person living on Earth.
Who can perform it: Son Goku (Imperfect Cell mentioned

he could probably do this attack)

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13. Kikouhou- Tenshinhan's signature attack. He targets his opponent in a triangle formed by his hands. He then shoots a fantastically powerful energy blast at his opponent. This attack is very dangerous though. It uses an enormous amount of ki and could easily kill him if he over-used it.
Shin Kikouhou "New Kikouhou" is the same attack, but even more powerful.
Who can perform it: Tenshinhan

8. Big Bang Attack- This is Vegeta's first attack he coins as a Super Saiyan. He raises his right palm then charges for an instant, and lets a powerful ball of energy shoot out of his palm towards his opponent. What happens when the ball of energy hits the opponent? Well, the name is self-explanatory.

Fun Fact: Vegeta's attacks are all written in Katakana, not traditional Hiragana or Kanji. Akira Toriyama made Vegeta use attacks with English names because he felt they suited his personality, whereas the attacks of a proper well-spoken character such as Piccolo are written only in Kanji and Hiragana. Akira Toriyama revealed this during an interview in one of the Daizenshyu.
Who can perform it: Vegeta & Moro

10. Daichiretsudan "Great Earth Cutting Row"- 

One of the most impressive attacks demonstrated

by Freeza during his fight with Goku. With a swipe

of his hand, he can cut a long deep row in the

ground. Luckily we don't get to see what effect the

attack would have on Goku.
Who can perform it: Freeza

5. Makkankosappo "Screw Beam of the Devil"- This is

Piccolo's signature attack in DBZ anime (he only used this

once in the manga). He raises the index and middle fingers

of his right hand to his head, then charges up. When he

first performed this attack, it took him 5 minutes to gather

the energy for the attack. By the end of the series, he does

the attack instantly. The beam itself resembles a screw.

There is a straight beam, surrounded by a spiral of energy.

When it was first used in DBZ, this was the most powerful

attack of its time (still a killer move in the Super manga). 

Who can perform it: Piccolo, Son Gohan, Cell, Cell Jr's,

Super Buu, Super Buu Ghost Kamikaze, Seven-Three & Moro

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14. Do-Don Pa- A popular move used by villains related

in some way to the Tsuru Sennin, (Turtle Hermit's evil rival)

and his brother, Tao Pai Pai. The Do-Don Pa is basically

a Kamehameha-like blast, but instead of being shot from

the palms, it's fired from the index and pointing finger. It's

also thinner than the Kamehameha, but no less deadly.

This was a killing attack in Dragon Ball. Super Do-Don Pa

is Cyborg Tao Pai Pai's large and powerful variation of

Do-Don Pa which is fired from his arm cannon.
Who can perform it:
Tao Pai Pai, Chaozu and Tenshinhan

9. Ki no Tsurugi "Sword of Ki"- An attack used by Vegetto to attack Super Buu. He literally forms a long sword composed of Ki and then impales Buu. He uses this attack 

again to fight Zamasu.
Who can perform it: Vegetto

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15. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack- Gotenks' first

successful attack was used on Super Buu. Gotenks

spits out a white blob which turns into a floating

ghost of him. The ghost has its own personality and

is semi-cocky. When the ghost is touched or jarred

even lightly, it will explode. Buu finds this out the

hard way. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack 10 Ghosts

in One Shot is the same attack, but as the name

infers, Gotenks spits out 10 ghosts at once. When

in SSJ3 mode, Gotenks blows out Ki in the shape

of a giant balloon that explodes in a blinding flash

of light revealing a cluster of Super SSJ3 Ghost

Kamikazes which he calls this attack Balloon Flash

Who can perform it: Gotenks & Super Buu