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Reason: We're just gonna lump Ra's al Ghul and Talia together because they're both very dangerous assassin's in their own way. Ra's being nigh immortal with decades of guerilla warfare & ancient combat skills. He's literally the boss of an international cult of assassins with his daughter as his heir.

10. Deadshot

1. Lady Shiva

8. Bullseye

Today's stolen topic is from Variant's Top 10 Most Dangerous Assassins. Everyone on the list is an assassin or mercenary not a bounty hunter, vigilante, or some likes to kill. Enjoy and stay geeky. 

Reason: The reason why Elektra is not further on the list is because this lout killed her few issues after her debut. Bullseye is pretty much Marvel's Bizzaro version of Deadshot. He can use any item and projectile it to hit his target. Bullseye never misses except when he fought Batman.

4. The Punisher

Reason: Assassin-for-hire Lady Shiva has no superpowers, but is regarded as one of the best assassins and martial artists in the DC Universe who specializes in killing her targets with her bare hands. Anyone who crosses paths with her usually doesn't make it alive.

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--The Geekpin

Reason: Former Red Room super spy assassin, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Natasha is one of the best assassin's in the Marvel Universe highly trained in armed and unarmed combat. 

5. Deadpool

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Reason: No job is too big for Taskmaster. The original Kakashi of comics. Taskmaster can copy any athletic skill and fighting style by seeing it once. Mixing it with some clever tactics makes Taskmaster one of the deadliest assassins in the Marvel Universe.

Reason: Super and probably the greatest ninja in the Marvel Universe. I know she has grown in skills over the years and I feel like she should be further down the list but I can't allow her to pass.

3. League of Assassins

Reason: Expert marksman. Deadshot never misses...normal targets. Hit shooting skills are unmatched.

7. Black Widow

Reason: The Merc With A Mouth. Given Deadpool's super healing factor and his combat skills what makes him truly a dangerous assassin is his unpredictability. Not even Taskmaster can keep up with his buffoonery. 

6. Taskmaster 

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Steal A Topic Saturday:

Top 10 Most Dangerous Assassins in Comics

This is one of our fun segments where we "steal" a topic from another media source and add our 50 cents (aka tweak) to the topic. Let's run it! 

--The Geekpin

9. Elektra

Reason: I wasn't originally going to add The Punisher to the list but I remember he's the current leader of the Hand. Punisher's lethal combat skills and tactics make him an expert mercenary but what makes him so dangerous is his ruthlessness and his determination to take out his target.

2. Deathstroke

Reason:Most people who aren't too knowledgeable about the DC lore usually assume Deathstroke to be the ultimate assassin within the DCU. Deathstroke is just usually the man you call when you need a small job or superhuman job to be done right. With his array of superhuman skills & reflexes, military training, and being able to use 90% of his brain Deathstroke makes the ultimate assassin and super soldier in the DCU.