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3. Gold Zeo Ranger (Trey)

One of the many forgotten "Sixth Rangers". This A.C. Slater Looking Boy gets his power from absorbing solar energy. Daggeron is actually quite a powerful mystic Ranger. You can almost say he's the  Doctor Fate of the Rangerverse. He's so strong he has his own power-up transformation. 

10. Solaris Knight

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4. Quantum Ranger

One of the coolest and badass Rangers of the franchise. Doggie Cruger

is the commander of the Earth branch SPD. He is a master swordsman and probably one of the five strongest Power Rangers in existence. His fighting prowess is unmatched as he defeated Grumm unmorphed.

A knight from the past living in the present. Ivan is a powerful swordsman and even a more powerful Power Ranger. He's very adept at fighting monsters solo or as a team player. Ivan is probably the 3rd or 4th best swordsman as

a Power Ranger.

Supergenius ninja Cam Watanabe is Ninja Storm Rangers' sixth Ranger.

He finally got his wish when he became the Green Samurai Ranger. As the Green Samurai Ranger, he's quick and has a lot of powerful attacks. When he takes off his weighted armor he becomes even faster and stronger. Even with his awesome powers, he wouldn't make it in a top 10 Strongest Ranger list.

OG Magna Defender

First American made Power Ranger. What made the Titanium Ranger cool was he had an interesting backstory and his situation as a Ranger. He had a serpent tattoo that was crawling on his back towards his neck every time Ryan used his powers. It kinda reminded me of Tommy and the Green Candle

Gold Ranger was the next coolest and hyped-up Ranger since the debut of White Ranger. With his power staff, he's probably the most powerful Ranger in terms of power. I love Jason and was excited to see him as Gold Ranger but Trey wields the power far beyond what he could as we saw towards the end as the power was killing him.

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Eric was kinda a badass Ranger but a prick at the same time. His hating

Wes for being rich was kinda annoying. it's not his fault who's family he was born in. Anyway, as the Quantum Ranger, he's super strong, a sharpshooter, and had a Zord possibly stronger than the Dragonzord & Tigerzord. He was definitely a fan favorite among Power Ranger fans.

I originally wanted him in the #4 spot, but I didn't add him cuz he wasn't a Ranger nor part of the team. Once Mike took over the mantle, he became part of the team, but the original Magna Defender was cool. He reminds me of Ma Jr from Dragonball. His no fucks attitude was refreshing for a Power Rangers series. Plus, he was a total badass taking down villains left and right. 

8. Gold Samurai Ranger

A force to be reckoned with. Due to Tommy's popularity there probably wouldn't even be a list of Sixth Rangers (American wise) without him.

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This is one of our fun segments where we "steal" a topic from another media source and add our 50 cents (aka tweak) to the topic. Let's run it!​

--The Geekpin

1. Tommy Oliver- Green / White MMPR

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Steal A Topic Saturday: 10 Best 6th Rangers

A fan favorite among Power Ranger fans. Power Rangers Samurai & Ninja Steel as a whole I didn't care for because it should've been more culture appropriated. The Gold Ranger's character either should've been Japanese (Because he's best friends with Red Ranger who should be Japanese) or his sushi cart should've been Asian fusion cuisine. Anyway as The Gold Ranger he slices and dices his enemies with multiple quick sheathe slashes. 

The latest topic we're stealing is the 10 Best 6th Rangers by ​CBR. The reason why is because we can pick better Rangers and the most important reason is a few Rangers they picked aren't 6th Rangers (Note:I never like the term Sixth Ranger because every team didn't have Six 

Rangers, some were less, some were more than six). The CBR writer probably used the PR Wiki but it's complicated due to the Japanese version. 

Regardless, they are mostly considered as Auxiliary Rangers which the topic title should be, even then you would have more Rangers to choose from. So we're going to stick with Ranger teams with 6 or more. In the future, we might do a "Best Auxiliary Rangers" listing if anyone is interested. 

--The Geekpin

Similar deal as the Gold Samurai Ranger. Not much to say about the Ninja Steel's Gold Ranger. He's ok for an auxiliary Ranger. He's super strong and has a power-up mode.

5. Gold Dino Ranger

9. Titanium Ranger

6. Green Samurai Ranger

2. SPD Shadow Ranger

7. Ninja Steel Gold Ranger