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Reason: Love watching the League fight their opposite counterparts. As I mentioned before, Wonder Woman's fighting skills are amazing.

Reason: Watching the entire Justice League getting murk by Doomsday was badass. Not even Batman could save the day on this one. I love how the DCUAM really show off Wonder Woman's fighting skills.

Reason: Even with Storm Breaker, Beta Ray Bill totally got his ass whooped & pounded to no end by The Hulk.

Reason: Hitting the #1 spot my favorite Batman fight, period. I love everything about this scene with Batman's entrance, his interaction with Red Hood, him going through a thrown vehicle and how Red Hood ended the one assassin!

Reason: Sinestro shows up the entire Lantern Corp why he is the best Lantern user.


This is one of our fun segments where we "steal" a topic from another media source and add our 50 cents (aka tweak) to the topic. Let's run it! 

--The Geekpin

Reason:I wanted to mentioned how epic this fight was but I didn't want to have 2 different fights from the same movie. Between Superman going all out and Supergirl using her learned amazon fighting skills with her Kryptonian powers gave Darkseid a run for his money.

Today's stolen topic is from Watch Mojo'sTop 10 picks for Best Fights in Animated Superhero Movies. Enjoy and stay geeky.

Reason: 1. It's Batman. 2. It's the Ninja Turtles. 3. It's Batman giving hands (and team assist from the Batmobile) to the Turtles. I still would've love to see how he handle against Master Splinter.

Reason: Superheroes fighting giant sea monsters. Nuff said.

Reason: The Hulk vs Wolverine is the most iconic fight in comic history. Should do a future article about that 🤔

Reason: One of the better animated Marvel films lot of fans forgot about or haven't seen. Great action and love the interaction between The Punisher & Iron Man.

Reason:This battle and animation flow was super intense and badass! No one was holding back! This is the first DC animated movie that showcased Wonder Woman's fighting prowess.

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Steal A Topic Saturday: Top 10 Best Fights

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