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 Hands down this is my all-time favorite fighting game. Hell if I had to make a list of my favorite top 10 favorite video games this will probably make the list. Project Justice is the 3D fighting game sequel to Rival Schools: United By Fate produced by Capcom. This version continues to be a team fighter but has teams of three characters instead of two. This allowed another type of Team-Up attack to be used called Party-Up. The Party-Up is a three-person (my team was Batsu, Kyosuke & Hinata. Occasionally I used Shoma instead of Batsu) attack that varies based on what school the character initiating the attack is from. 

Note: Never play the PlayStation version. It's straight trash.

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  🎶 I want to take you for a ride ​🎶. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is the ultimate crossover fighting game! Nuff said.

Note:My friends banned me from using Jin and Cable.

9. Phantasy Star Online

Teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki sets out in revenge for the murder of his father in 1980s Yokosuka, Japan. The player explores an open world, fighting opponents in brawler battles and encountering quick time events. The environmental detail was considered unprecedented, with numerous interactive objects, a day-and-night system, variable weather effects, non-player characters with daily schedules, and various minigames.

Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast

7. Dead or Alive 2

Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast

10. Shenmue

​​​​​2. Project Justice

Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast

  The party fighting game that was built on the innovative gameplay introduced by its predecessor, Power Stone. Power Stone 2 allows up to four players to choose from multiple characters and utilize items such as tables, chairs, and rocks in battle. It took me awhile to get the hang of this game especially because I never played the first Power Stone.

So how we do? What are your favorite Dreamcast games? We love to know.

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     --The Geekpin

6. Sonic Adventure 2

​​This is one of our fun segments where we "steal" a topic from another media source and add our 50 cents (aka tweak) to the topic. Let's run it! 

--The Geekpin

Steal A Topic Saturday: 

10 Best Dreamcast Games

Second main entry in the Dead or Alive fighting series. This was Tekken light years away. Also the same deal as Soulcalibur, I played a lot to unlock characters and outfits.

This is the two good-vs-evil stories: Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and Knuckles the Echidna attempt to save the world, while Shadow the Hedgehog, Doctor Eggman, and Rouge the Bat attempt to conquer it. The stories are divided into three gameplay styles: fast-paced platforming for Sonic and Shadow, multidirectional shooting for Tails and Eggman, and action-adventure exploration for Knuckles and Rouge.

Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast

"Hey hey hey, it's time to make some crazy money! Are you ready? Here we go!" Crazy Taxi is a racing video game based on picking up taxi customers and driving them to their destination as quickly as possible. Along the way, money can be earned by performing stunts, such as near misses with other vehicles. This game also made me a fan of The Offspring. The sequel is just as fun, especially with the jump button addition.

Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast
Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast

 Based on Tokyo shopping districts in Shibuya and Shinjuku, you control a member of a gang of graffiti-tagging inline skaters. The game consists of three types of levels: Street, Rival Showdown, and Trial. The Street levels come in two categories. The first is to tag every graffiti point in each area previously tagged by a rival gang before the timer runs out while evading the authorities. The second category serves as a boss battle by chasing the rival gang members and spraying graffiti on them. The more graffiti points are sprayed, the more deadly the authorities become. Jet Grind Radio was the first game to use a cel-shaded art style. This game also had a catchy soundtrack. 

8. SoulCalibur

Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast
Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast
Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast, Crazy Taxi

4.Power Stone 2

The first online RPG for game consoles; players adventure with up to three others over the internet to complete quests, collect items and fight enemies in real-time action RPG combat.

5. Jet Grind Radio

Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast
Geekpin Entertainment, Steal A Topic Saturday, Dreamcast

1. Crazy Taxi

Everyone's favorite weapon-based fighting game franchise centered around a historical fantasy version of the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The Dreamcast version improved graphics (including the addition of 3D backgrounds), tweaked gameplay, removed Voldo's codpiece, new game modes & costumes, and the inclusion of an extra character, Cervantes de Leon. In the Mission Battle, the player completes various missions to attain points (which kept me playing a lot), which can be used to buy various art, which then unlocks extra features, costumes and stages.

3.Marvel VS Capcom 2

​​Today's topic is "The 10 Best Dreamcast Games" from the good folks over at IGN. We kept the rules pretty much the same. We only use Dreamcast games that were released in North America. I wish Sega would make a next-gen console and call it the "Dreamcast One" (or "Dreamcast Master System"). It can be like the Wii and we can have access to ALL the Dreamcast games and every other game made by Sega. Enough talk, let's go!