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Significance: Blade is the most well-known vampire hunter in comics. Blade was one of Marvel's D-list characters and didn't get real recognization til Wesley Snipes played him in the live-action film. Also, Blade is the reason why the MCU exists.  

6. Mighty Morphin Black Power Ranger (Zack Taylor)

5. Blade

Significance: This was originally going to be an honorable mention but I had to add him to the list. Hear me out on this one. Look at Prince Adam, a typical blond hair white guy who transforms into a buff tan-skinned guy with bass in his voice. Being for the 80s that was the closest thing black people had to a black superhero on TV. He's basically what DC's Black Bomber should have been. Also, he's the most powerful man in the universe.

Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes

4. Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes

10. He-Man (FilmationVersion)

Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes
Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes

There's so many more Black Superheroes to talk about that people may not know about. We're hoping we can cover more this year and not just for Black History Month. ​​For more geek-related content follow Geekpin Entertainment on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Thanks for reading, stay geeky, gang.

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Sam Wilson aka The Falcon / Captain America

Significance: Sam Wilson, The Falcon was Marvel's first Black American Superhero (2nd overall). Lot of people today aren't aware of this due to controversy but when Sam Wilson's The Falcon was created he was originally based on O.J. Simpson (hence the orange & green costume). In the last few years within the comics Sam played jump rope between being The Falcon & Captain America. Now that Sam is Captain America in the MCU his comic counterpart will be too for awhile.

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Significance: Can't have a top 10 Black Superhero list without the most popular Black Hero of the 90s! The original Black Ranger was second in command (Until White Ranger joined the team & Red Ranger became second in command) super cool and had his own fighting style (Hip Hop Kido)! O.G. Black Ranger is still a fan favorite of the franchise.

8. Luke Cage

Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes

Significance: Annnnd the #1 spot goes to King T'Challa, The Black Panther! Like I stated above if I had wrote this list 8 years ago it would be totally different. The first Black Superhero in comics! Depending who you ask Black Panther was one of Marvel's C or D-list characters but due to the success of the MCU & the late Chadwick Boseman (Rest in power) Black Panther is the most popular Black Superhero in the world (currently). If you need a Black Panther fix I recommend watching Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

7. Static Shock

Wut up geeks & geekettes? We have a special Top 10 list for Black History Month. I asked a bunch of people who are knowledgeable, not knowledgeable and culture appropriate to name 10 black superheroes from top of their brain. I was quite surprised with the results (not really 😅). Once the results were in I started compiling up my list. Enough talk, let's run this! 

--The Geekpin


Significance: DC's first major Black Superhero with his own title! Black Lightning is often mislabel as DC's first Black Superhero (Mal Duncan, John Stewart, & Tyroc predates his creation). Before Black Lightning's creation DC almost made a hero called The Black Bomber.

​​​​​2. Storm

Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes

9. Black Lightning

Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes
Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes

Significance: Marvel's first Black Superhero with his own title (3rd Black Marvel Superhero; 5th Black Superhero between DC & Marvel)! Luke Cage isn't your typical superhero. He was the man who did crime fighting for a living. Luke Cage was the first person who physically beat Dr. Doom in a fight. That's a big feat all on its own especially if you were reading Fantastic Four and The Thing couldn't even beat Doom when they fought him. 

Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes

Significance: In brightest day, in blackest night, John Stewart is the Green Lantern most people know due to the Justice League and Static Shock Animated Series. He's DC's 2nd Black Superhero (4th in comics) in creation. After his first debut he wasn't seen again til 4 years later and another 3 years after. Neal Adams always bragged that John Stewart was the first Black Superhero who didn't have black in its name. Although in his first appearance he made a joke calling himself "Black Lantern". At that time there were was only Black Panther, Mal Duncan and Falcon who is actually the first Black Superhero who didn't have black in his name. 

Significance: If I wrote this list 8 years ago Storm would be #1. Since her debut she has been a popular and strong character throughout the decades. I wrote about why she was great last week if you want to check it out. 

1. Black Panther

Significance: 🎶 "Black Spiderman can he save a brother now."🎶

Miles Morales the Spider-Man originally from the Ultimate Universe and now web-slinging in the main Marvel Universe. Miles was already a fan favorite among comic readers & casual geeks. After the success of Sony's Spider-Verse film Miles Morales is known and a favorite worldwide. I predict Miles will become #1 in the future as his popularity grows.

3. Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Significance: 🎶 "Super Hero Static Shock!" 🎶 The best & most iconic (sorry Icon) superhero from Milestone Comics. He's Dwayne McDuffie's (Rest in peace) younger & potentially more powerful version of Black Lightning. Virgil is mostly known for his hit cartoon in the 90s.

Geekpin Entertainment, Top 10, Black Superheroes