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This battle can give you an idea of how strong and powerful Tommy was as The White Ranger. He managed to defeat the all-powerful ruler of evil, Lord Zedd by himself. The Dino Fury Rangers together had trouble fighting Lord Zedd. Morphin Master Green had to come stop him.

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Attempting to make his body visible again. Tommy wakes up finding himself fighting his past Ranger self only to realize he's in a coma and is fighting for his life. Tommy has risen out of the coma even stronger than before now that he could go Super Dino Mode.

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After losing his powers Zordon recruits Tommy to retrieve The Dragon Dagger and The Rangers Power Coins from Goldar. Zordon used his own life force energy to temporarily give Tommy his old powers. He struggled using Zordon's janky energy but managed to save the day and temporarily return as part of the team.

The debut and return of Tommy as The White Ranger and leader of The Power Rangers. With his new powers and Tigerzord, he is stronger than before and can never be corrupted by evil. 

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To save his students Black Dino Thunder defeats a giant monster by himself without using a Zord. I want to point out Tommy is the only Ranger who has done this so far.

Tommy manages to bond with the Black Dino Gem and becomes the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. The villain even tries to call him out for being too old to be a Ranger but he states he could pull it off. 

Zeo Ranger Five Tommy recruited 9 Red Rangers to stop the remaining Machine Empire. After their Red victory. Tommy thanks everyone and walks away into the sunset. Wild Force Red Ranger states that Tommy is the greatest Ranger and all the other Red Rangers took turns stating why they were better.

Tommy Oliver debuted as Rita's Evil Ranger. He took Zordon out and made quick work on The Rangers. My favorite part is when Tommy threw Trini's Dino Blade at Jason.

Thanks to an evil wizard Tommy fights a clone of himself with the power of the Green Ranger.

It's been a rough time lately. We just lost Kevin Conroy and now we lose the greatest Power Ranger Jason David Frank a.k.a. Tommy Oliver. So in honor of this legendary actor here are a Top 10 moments of JDF in Power Rangers.

JDF is now in The Morphin Grid with Thuy and May The Power Protect Them. Rest in Power You Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

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Morphinominal Mention

Shout out to the Bat in the Sun'sSuper Power Beat Down videos with JDF as a Power Ranger fighting video game characters such as Scorpion, Ryu, and M. Bison aka Vega

The best fight Tommy has ever been only because it was super exciting to see Tommy bust out his Master Morpher and can Morph into all his old Ranger forms. It was super exciting to see this. Makes me more upset about the failure of Super Megaforce.

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