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To be honest I just love this scene, the score, and everything that was happening around it. Very emotional and suspenseful.

Superman tells the Justice League they not helping Darkseid and here come no superpowers Batman walks over to Supes with Kryptonite bawls and tells the most powerful man in Sector 2814 to get over it. He literally punked Superman in front of the squad. 

Note: This is why the League doesn't function well as a team cuz they let Batman do whatever he wants and Kevin Conroy makes Batman's presence strong and known. The world is going to miss you, sir.

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Am I Blue?

The Batman Arkham Knight is Batman interrogating criminals. I felt Kevin's voice when he was questioning these thugs. I be in the background at times like "you better tell him" or "don't fuck with Batman bruh". After they talk Batman fucks them up anyway.

The Justice League checks out Felix Faust's room for clues and unknown to Flash he picks up a magic wand that almost blows off Batman's head. Bat's pissed off and tells The Flash to not touch anything. In fear of pissing Batman off more the rest of the League quickly put down the artifacts, they were holding. There was another time in Starcrossed, inside a warship The Flash unknowningly pushes a button that fires a laser at Batman's mansion which he angrily reacts to.

Watching Batman play off an older Batman was fracking great. Kevin did an amazing job giving both Batmen two distinctive voices. Kevin Conroy is a Voice Actor God.

Batman spooking Lex Luthor all up in his bedroom trying to find The Joker. I love it when Batman knocks the shit out of Mercy and Lex got really scared. Batman leaving him The Terminator line. I'm sure Lex soiled himself in the bed. 

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Kevin gave us multiple tones and emotions with this scene from threaten Amanda Waller; 

yelling at newbie Leaguers to get out of the way; trying not to burn up flying into the Earth's atmosphere; back to yelling at Superman. 

Tribute due to the great loss of iconic legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy. This is my Top 10 scenes and moments of Kevin Conroy voicing The Dark Knight. This list is in no special order because I'm lazy and still at a loss that Kevin is gone.

The only time you hear Batman sings. Given Batman being a talented crime fighter I'm not 

surprised he would be a decent singer too. Kevin got some musical background.

The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh was a Batman from a different planet in Batman: The Brave and The Bold. What made the character great was Kevin's take as a mild man reporter.

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This is probably one of the greatest episodes from Justice League Action. Batman being nice to Deadshot by being "The Good Cop" was totally amazing. I was kinda freaked out by Batman too.