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Reason: Third series opening of the Disney Era and this opening is just as strong and catchy as Dino Thunder.

Reason: Hitting the #1 spot is Zeo. Everything about Zeo was new and fresh. Overall the song sounds powerful making The Rangers feel unstoppable. 

Reason: Everything about this opening is awesome from the countdown to the edgy sound of exciting adventures.

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Reason: Lost Galaxy new world adventure opening almost sounds patriotic. This is one of my least favorite openings. It could've easily been #10 on the list.  

Salutation fellow geeks and geekettes! This topic could've easily been a "Steal A Topic Saturday" article since everyone has covered this, but I decided not to. Anyway, these are my top 10 picks for Power Rangers opening songs. Enjoy and stay geeky.

--The Geekpin


Reason: The last decent series opening for the original Saban Era. Time Force had a treating opening that felt adventurous and fun.

Reason: The beginning of the Disney Era and it started off an amazing catchy beat and lyric. 

R.I.P. Pua Magasiva

Reason: One of my least favorite Power Ranger series but it has a catchy beat that can be enjoyed.

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Reason:The OG song hits #2 because it's the first and a classic among hardcore fans. When you hear the song you know what's about to go down and if you didn't you gon learn today. 

R.I.P. Thuy Trang

Reason: Second series opening of the Disney Era. The lyrics and beat start off astonishing and a little eerie than it goes into full jamming mode. This series is the first opening of the franchise that does not have "Go Power Rangers" nor "Go" in

the lyrics (second being Power Rangers RPM).

Reason: Lightspeed Rescue hits the nail in the coffin with its opening feeling exhilarating like there were people who needed rescuing.

Reason:This would've been #10 if Turbo didn't suddenly speed by. What I also liked about this opening that it had actual lyrics unlike the Neo Saban openings before this.