DC posted a photo of 7 different Flash costumes for the fans to pick their favorite. So I figured I take the 7 costumes and make a quick list of which costumes ranked from least favorite to greatest. So enough and let's run this!


     --Jason Chau

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7. DCEU Flash- I like nothing about the costume (nor the actor but not due to his personal shenanigans. He just sucks as Barry Allen. If anything he should've been Wally.).

6. Injustice Flash-I don't care for armored Flash.

5. Blue Lantern Flash-The Flash doesn't need to be a Lantern.

4. CW Flash- Season One Flash suit makes sense especially because I don't think he knew about the Speed Force Aura around him yet so the show was trying to be realistic as possible. I hate the red & yellow centerpiece. I prefer The Flash with his centerpiece being white & yellow.

3. Wally Flash- This would've been #2 if he was wearing the original Dark Flash costume but this version with his hair out reminds me of the bad part of the 90s.

2. Golden Age Flash- Man of time. Can't hate on the classics.

1. Rebirth Flash- Speaking of classics. This will always be the best Flash costume. Original, simple, easy and perfect. 

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