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Random Honorable Mentions

Silver Surfer V1 #1First 

appearance of Shalla-Bal

Also, first solo ongoing Silver Surfer series. Origin of the Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer V7 #1- 1st chronological & cover appearance of Dawn Greenwood. Also 1st app of Dawn's family, GatekeepersIncredulous Zed, Queen of Nevers (issue 2 her first full & cover appearance).

Wut up comic fans & speculators? It's yo boi The Geekpin and we out here doing it real major. Today I'm gonna share 10ish Silver Surfer keys that you might or might not want to spec on for his debut into the MCU. Full disclaimer note I'm not going to add his first three appearances due to them being obvious choices and because they're a lotta bit expensive. So enough chit-chatting, let's run this.

Silver Surfer V3 #1- The 

Silver Surfer finally escape Galactus prison on Earth.

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--The Geekpin

Silver Surfer V8 #6 (Legacy #200)

You can never go wrong getting a comic that displays key issues of its past titles.

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Fantastic Four #57, #58, #59, & #60- Four part story of Dr. Doom stealing Silver Surfer's powers. Issue #59 is the first appearance of the Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing. Issue #60 hints at how Galactus' barrier works. It's not the man, but the board!

Starmasters #1- First team app of the Starmasters: Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, Quasar.

Note: I think they could make an adaption pairing Surfer with Nova & Captain Marvel.

​​Tales To Astonish #92- First story featuring Silver Surfer outside of the Fantastic Four title and not drawn by Jack Kirby.

The first battle of Hulk vs Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer V2 #1- First time Silver Surfer escapes Earth after Galactus imprison him but later returns to Earth.

All-New Marvel NOW! Point One V1 1.NOW- The first appearance of Dawn Greenwood and Cap'n Sharrr.

Tales To Astonish #93- Iconic cover art by Marie Severin and Frank Giacoia. Continuation battle of Hulk vs Silver Surfer.

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Fantastic Four

Annual #5- 

First solo Silver Surfer story. 

Submariner #35- Battle of Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Namor vs

The Avengers. 

Note: I think they will do an adaption scene replacing Hulk with Skaar or someone else.