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UNRESTRICTED (Teaser Trailer) 

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The game looks pretty effing amazing! Kinda like a mixture of Infamous and Dragonball Z. Definitely looking forward to playing this when it comes out (hint-hint Indie-US Games). So far this game is still in development but it will available to play on Steam. For more info follow the official UNRESTRICTED account on Twitter or if you hate real-life Lex Luthor you can follow Indie-US Games on Youtube

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--The Geekpin

Happy New Year geeks and gamers we're going to be talking about a new superhero action game by the production members of "UNDEFEATED". Word on the street, it was originally pitched to be open world Superman game which I would be down for (why so stupid DC?). Now they took their UnrealEngine 5 gameplay and gave it a whole new story called "UNRESTRICTED".

"Far away 'another planet' where civilization is more developed than on Earth.
A sudden 'explosion incident' 500 years ago had a major impact on the entire planet and civilization collapsed. After the explosion, violent mutants emerged and still plague the survivors.

A dull university student leads a boring life.
He is a weak and good-natured person who wants to be of help to others but has no power to do so. One day, he is caught in a meteorite strike.

He is sent to another planet, where he awakens 'special abilities'.
He demonstrates his abilities in the face of people being attacked by monsters that are out of this world. For the sake of the world, he stands up."

A few weeks ago they released the new trailer at MathChief's Game Expo. Check out the trailer below.