The Geekpin: What is your favorite cosplay you presented

so far?
Gina B: Probably Hawkgirl. She challenges me on every front:

spandex, my fiber glassed mace, giant wings, and helmet.
The Geekpin: Are there any conventions or events you will be

attending this year?
Gina B: So far very few. I will be at Colossalcon for sure, but

past that no idea! I always keep an updated schedule on my

facebook though.

The Geekpin: What are your favorite anime and characters?

Gina B: Too many! Major Kusanagi, Sango, Domon Kasshu,

Hiei, Sesshoumaru... The bad ass characters, ya know?

The Geekpin: What are your favorite video games and


Gina B: I am obsessed with Okami. If I could cosplay from it

I would be so happy!

The Geekpin: What was your geekiest moments?

Gina B: I have too many to count. For example, on my morning

commute to work today, I talked to am 8 year old boy who was

singing  the Pokemon theme song, we discussed his favorite

Pokemon. Or the fact that I threw a Yugioh themed party this

year for my boyfriend and my joint party. It's not a geeky moment because it's part of my life.

The Geekpin: What are your other hobbies?

Gina B: Cooking is at the top of that list. I love food. Seeing it, smelling it, cooking it, eating it, talking about it... I'm a foodie! I also love reading and baking.

The Geekpin: Heart breaker question for the fans. Single or taken?

Gina B: Quite taken, for quite some time now, but he and I are both

in the cosplay scene!

The Geekpin: Do you like Pancakes?  

Gina B: I'm an American, of course I love pancakes
The Geekpin: What is your guilty pleasure?

Gina B: Fanfiction! I began reading it in middle school and kept it

a close kept secret till very recently. 

The Geekpin: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Gina B: People with poor speaking habits, and those who don't

take care of how they represent themselves. I'll leave that at that.
The Geekpin: Where can our readers find you online? 

Gina B: I live in two places mostly, for regular

postings and such, and for progress photos, as well

as I always respond to people there who tweet at me
The Geekpin: Thank you for your time Gina. I can't wait to see you again.  

Gina B: You know it's always a pleasure to talk with you. Now you have to

just lemme know when you're free so I can make you drunken cupcakes!

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The Geekpin: Hey, Ms. Gina how are you today?

Gina B: Really well, thank you!

The Geekpin: Can you describe yourself Twitter style?

Gina B: As in under 140 characters? I'm really bad at that. For some reason I always manage to run out of characters before I can really get to say- But seriously I love to cook. I eat as much as I can always, and I cosplay.

The Geekpin: How did you get into cosplay and what does it mean to you? 
Gina B: Truthfully, I have two starting points. The first time was the summer between Middle and High school back in 2004, and the second time was in late 2010. I actually owe my exposure to cosplay from a girl who lived a block away from me. I cannot recall her appearance, nor her name, but she was a few years older than me, and I saw her frequently when I would walk home from school. Back in middle school, I was a quiet, shy type who always

dressed overly tomboyish. One day walking home from

school I ran into her and she saw my DBZ T-shirt I was

wearing and asked if I actually watched the show. When

I told her I was an avid fan, she explained how she is an

anime fan as well, and was attending a convention that

summer in Baltimore. She described all the panels, and

costumes, and fun that made up a convention, and I

became mesmerized from it all. I was hell bent on going,

and after doing various odd jobs, I was able to accumulate

enough revenue to send myself. None of my family

members wanted to go with me, so I had to pay an aunt to

take me as well as all the hotel and badge fees. Once I got

there though, I knew I found a community I wanted to be a part of. I gave up cosplay and conventions though while I was in college. I couldn’t afford to travel, let alone dedicate time to costumes when school dominated so much of my life. I also traveled over seas, and attended Nanzan University​ in Japan. Despite being in the relative middle of the main island of Japan, I was forcefully removed a few weeks after the quake that hit the Sendai region. Upon my return to the States was when I found a rekindling of sorts for cosplay. Though I didn’t start to take cosplay “seriously” until August of 2012 when I made my fan page. Now cosplay is my connection back to

it all.

Geekpin Entertainment, Gina B Cosplay, WCW, Woman Crush Wednesday, Elysiam Entertainment
Geekpin Entertainment, Gina B Cosplay, WCW, Woman Crush Wednesday, Raven cosplay, Raven
Geekpin Entertainment, Gina B Cosplay, WCW, Woman Crush Wednesday
Geekpin Entertainment, Gina B Cosplay, WCW, Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday: 

          Gina B Cosplay

Geekpin Entertainment, Gina B Cosplay, WCW, Woman Crush Wednesday
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