The Geekpin: What other hobbies do you have?

Camille: We love to travel, explore, hike, spend time with our family and friends, and work out. Oh and we love exploring old cemeteries. We always find at least one awesome old cemetery when we’re traveling and spend some time there exploring and reading headstones.

Kennerly: We also love to create our own YouTube videos. We do everything ourselves from concept to completion. We arrange, film on location that we plan and find ourselves, record in our living room, and we edit every single one of our videos. Even though we’re performers in our “real lives” and don’t make our living on YouTube – it’s a really fun outlet for us to bring our art to the world. 
The Geekpin: Do you attend any conventions or events?

Camille: We’ve performed at conventions and we have more coming up this year! We’ll be performing at Walker Stalker Con in Chicago this month and we have a few other con performances coming up in the near future, as well – including one where we’ll be on our first ever panel discussion!   

Kennerly: We actually have never been to a convention when we were not performing on our harps! Conventions are always so much fun. It’s nice to see people celebrating geek culture and things that they have a passion for. 

The Geekpin: Heartbreaker question for the fans. Single or taken?

Camille and Kennerly: Haha Neither of us is married. So no heartbreak in this interview! ;) ;) 

The Geekpin: What is your favorite pastime?

Kennerly: Anything that we can do together! That’s when we always have the most fun.

Camille: We love exploring nature when there aren’t other people around. It’s so relaxing and serene to be far from the beaten path.  
The Geekpin: Where can our readers find you online?

Camille and Kennerly: We’d love to connect with your readers on our sites!





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The Geekpin: How did ya get into your music career?

Camille: We started playing the piano when we were children (and continued up until college) and we began playing harp in middle school.

We had to convince our mom that we were

serious about learning harp because she

was worried harp might just be an overly

expensive whim that we couldn’t afford.

We worked odd jobs to help pay for lessons

and our first pre-owned harp that we shared.

We started arranging and playing

contemporary music in college because we

felt like we could do so much more than just

playing the same music that other harpists

had been playing for centuries. 

Kennerly: We wanted to forge our own path

and go where no harps have gone before,

musically and literally. ;) ;) While we were in

Conservatory, we sat down and discussed

what we would do if we knew we guaranteed to succeed at anything. Performing together was the conclusion. So we followed our dream. Playing harp and performing together has been an organic progression in our lives. We love music, we love harp, and we love creating music together. 
The Geekpin: What was your favorite song you two presented so far?

Kennerly: Hmm I think it would have to be our Lord of the Rings 
and our “Fear of the Dark” (Iron Maiden).

Camille: Oh, and our new video for “Hedwig’s Theme” from Harry Potter. We had so much fun with that one. 

Geekpin Entertainment, The Geekpin, Woman Crush Wednesday, WCW, Harp Twins

The Geekpin: Helloooo. How are you 2 lovely ladies today?

Camille and Kennerly: We’re doing fabulously, thank you! 
The Geekpin: Describe yourselves Twitter style (140 characters).

Camille and Kennerly: Identical twins, Rock Harp Duo, Actors, Entrepreneurs, Explorers and Driven-Dreamers. ;) ;) 
The Geekpin: Do you have any geeky interest?

Camille: Hmm Well I think playing contemporary music on harp would probably be considered a geeky interest. We’re also huge Walking Dead-heads. We haven’t missed a single Walking Dead episode since it first aired.

Kennerly: We’re huge Lord of the Rings fanatics (we’ve read the books many times), we actually dress alike in our everyday lives, we make YouTube videos playing our harps – in costumes. For our video game and movie/TV soundtrack covers we make or put together our own cosplay. It’s a lot of fun to include different sides of our creative personalities. I think we’re pretty outside-the-box in almost every way! 
The Geekpin: Do you like pancakes?  

Kennerly: Yes, but I don’t eat them very often.

Camille: Same.