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Woman Crush Wednesday:                         Peche Cosplay

The Geekpin: Hi, Ms. Peche how are you today?
Peche: I am very well, thank you. Both sad and glad to be back home from Katsu.

The Geekpin: Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself

Peche: Well I’m 23 years old and I’ve only been cosplaying for a

few years. I’m working on my Bachelors in Information Technology.

I have an avid love for videogames and art but I love comics and

anime as well.

The Geekpin: How did you get into cosplay and what does it

mean to you?
Peche: A friend of mine (Lunarahzel) introduced me and after

that I just really wanted to participate. To me cosplay is about

self-expression and art. I really love deviling into the details of

a cosplay and trying to bring fantasy into reality. I enjoy the

characters that I choose but I also enjoy meeting people who are fans of the character too.

The Geekpin: What is your favorite cosplay you presented

so far?
Peche:Morrigan from Dragon Age was my first cosplay and

will always have a special slot in my heart and as for right now

she remains my favorite cosplay. I do however have plans for

more exciting cosplays so we’ll see.

The Geekpin: Are there any conventions will you be attending

this year?
Peche: Sadly my plan was to only do Katsucon this year. I’m

planning on graduating this year as well as a bunch of other

life changes but I’m hoping to do a couple next year and while

I’m not going I’m going to be working on a few cosplays  :).

2015 FTW.

The Geekpin: What are your favorite video games and

Peche: It’s a little hard to say sometimes since I love a lot of videogames but I’d have to say the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series as a whole have my undying loyalty. I love Bioshock and the Elderscrolls series but Bioware wins it all. I’d have to say FemShep and Garrus from Mass Effect. Cortana from Halo is up there too.

The Geekpin: Heartbreaker question for the fans. Single or taken?
Peche: Well I’m single but I’m more or less married to my education

(and food) right now lol.

The Geekpin: Do you like Pancakes? 
Peche: I love pancakes with blueberries and lots of maple syrup. Lol.

The Geekpin: Where can our readers find you online?
Peche: My facebook has all my photos but I also have a Tumblr,

Deviantart and a semipersonal Instagram which are not as updated

as my facebook page.
The Geekpin: Thank you for your time Peche. Hopefully we'll see

more of you in the future.
Peche: You are very welcome! And thank you for taking the time to

interview me. Hope to see you at Katsucon 2015!