Tokyo Game Show 2013

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Hey hot geeks it's yo boi, The Geekpin and I'm here in Japan for the Tokyo Game Show doing it real big! I had a sensory overload! I'm going to make this quick and let the photos do the talking.

This con was nothing like the cons I had

ever experienced especially from just

attending DragonCon, SDCC and Pax East

just mere months ago. The TGS was held

in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Japan.

This con was WAY bigger than SDCC. The

good part was all the new video games and

cosplay were simply amazing. It was good

to see friends like Vampy Bit Me. The bad

part it took forever just to play the games,

but I guess that couldn't be helped. Also,

it's REALLY hard to take pictures because

there's so many fanboys taking photos too.

Like I'm literally surrounded by photographers.

I felt like I was in awful orgy. I had a blast this

year and look forward to next year! I highly

recommend this "con" to anyone who likes

video games, cosplay, anime or the con life

itself. Check out my photo gallery below and I'm out! Stay geeky, gang.

--The Geekpin