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Booster Gold

One of the shows that have a lot of potentials is Booster Gold. He can introduce a bunch of characters. This series is definitely a wild card for speculation. I'm hoping Gunn will introduce Booster as an end credit or something in the upcoming Blue Beetle film. Use the cast from the show Powerless as an easter egg. So far I can imagine this show to be like Doctor Who but instead of having The Doctor, Captain Jack has control of the Tardis. 

Creature Commandos

Even though Marvel did the Werewolf by Night special I feel like Gunn is beating them to the punchline when it comes to using horror characters. Like Marvel barely tapped into their horror characters. Creature Commandos is basically's DC version of Legion of Monsters. 

Last for the Superman-related projects...


Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

Based on Tom King's run that he ripped from the novel, True Grit. Due to Supergirl being rebooted so many times this version of her debuted in Flashpoint #5 as I mentioned earlier.

Comic Speculation-
Gods and Monsters

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The Brave & The Bold

This is supposed to be the Batman & title of the DCU. I find it interesting because Batman did feature as the main character in the later half of the original comic run and starred in the animated series but the film is based on Grant Morrison's run which had nothing to do with the title. I have a feeling Batman is going to get a No Way Home / Dark Death Metal kind of movie in future chapters.


The show I'm looking forward to the most. I'm glad Gunn decided to keep this as TV series instead of a movie. Lots of cosmic characters to explore which Marvel is dropping the ball on again. This could be how Gunn introduces Lobo or The New Gods. 

Paradise Lost

"The Game of Thrones" series featuring Wonder Woman characters before her debut. This honestly sounds like the Themyscira show centered around the Amazons that was supposed to air on The CW a few years back. This will probably be the hardest among all the titles to speculate on so keep it simple. General popular Amazon characters and a few Greek Gods.

While we're talking about Superman let's jump to the next title...


The Authority

This will be the DCU's version of The Boys I'm assuming. Take note Flashpoint #5 will probably be very important because a few of these characters will be based on the current version which quite of them debuted in this issue. For instance, The Authority was a property of Wildstorm. Apollo & Midnighter entered the DC Universe in that issue also. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Pandora easter egg floating around in each of these projects just for funsies. So with Gunn bringing in The Authority, it's quite possible they will team up with Superman in future chapters so start investing now.

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I'm still kinda upset Viola Davis (whom I do like) will return as Amanda Waller but not any of the fan-favorite DCEU actors thus far (not sure about Gal & Ben yet). Expect a lot and anything to happen in this TV series. 

Swamp Thing​

Last week James Gunn made the big announcement about the future 10 Years of DC's shared universe featured films, TV Shows, and animation. 

​We being the awesome sauce that we are. We compiled a bunch of spec books based on each project Gunn mentioned so you all can hunt down or "crockpot" (aka hold til it gets hot). This first list of comics I'll start with is none other than...

Superman Legacy

For this being the first Superman film for the new DCU I thought the choice of title was kinda weird. I'm one of the few people who don't like All-Star Superman so when I saw how Gunn was reading & using a photo of All-Star Superman I was like yuck. But then I started to think about what the title and comic had in a common. The best way to talk about Superman's legacy is with the Superman Squad who made their debut in All-Star Superman.